Black and white

Black and white drawings are well presented in the works I made over the last couple of years. I find great joy in cross-hatching, a technique you will recognize more often in the drawings below.

Many more black and white drawings can be found on my Instagram page.

I am currently working on my interpretation of a series of mythical creatures. Take the drawing directly below, depicting a so-called 'reverse gorgon'.

A gorgon is an ancient mythical creature with a human body with snakes sprouting from its head. It is sometimes depicted with feathered wings as well. Medusa, for example, is a well-known gorgon from ancient mythology. I pondered on a way to draw a reversed version of this creature, like I had done of the reverse centaur. The drawing below is the result of my pondering.

Directly below the reverse creature, you can also find my interpretation of the transformation from Daphne (Greek mythology) into a Laurel tree, hoping to finally escape Apollo's loving gaze.

Prints of these two drawings can be bought via my Etsy shop.

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