There is something about printing techniques that I’ve always loved. I think it’s the combination of a lot of handwork and the surprises that inevitably pop up every time you make a print. No print is the same and I see beauty in the small 'mistakes'.

My old teacher Henk Tichelaar taught me how to execute the lithography technique. It is the most complicated printing technique I have learned. There is so much to it and there are so many things that can go wrong, even in the eventual printing process, that I always experience a victorious feeling when I finally make the first print.

The prints below are examples from this beautiful lithography technique.


Linography is a printing technique I have recently begun to rediscover. This technique forces you to look at overall shapes and pushes you to think in layers. Some examples of my linography prints can be found below.


Monotypes are created by painting an image on an ink stone, or like I do, on a rubber mat. After painting on one of these surfaces, one presses a paper sheet on the painted surface to create a print. This print, we call a monotype.

I used the monotyping technique for the making of my short animation film Dans les nuages blancs. I really enjoy combining monotyping with animation.

Some examples of monotypes can be found below.


The etching technique is a perfect technique for cross-hatching, a technique that I like to use a lot in my black and white drawings. I have not made many etchings in the past few years, but I am planning on taking up this technique in the time to come.

Two of my etchings can be seen below.

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